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NO.1 An EtherChannel bundle has been established between a Cisco switch and a corporate web
server. The network administrator noticed that only one of the EtherChannel links is being utilized to
reach the web server. What should be done on the Cisco switch to allow for better EtherChannel
utilization to the corporate web server?
A. Enable Cisco Express Forwarding to allow for more effective traffic sharing over the EtherChannel
B. Disable spanning tree on all interfaces that are participating in the EtherChannel bundle.
C. Adjust the EtherChannel load-balancing method based on source IP addresses.
D. Adjust the EtherChannel load-balancing method based on destination IP addresses.
E. Use link-state tracking to allow for improved load balancing of traffic upon link failure to the
Answer: C

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EtherChannel load balancing can use MAC addresses, IP addresses, or Layer 4 port numbers, and
either source mode, destination mode, or both. The mode you select applies to all EtherChannels
that you configure on the switch. Use the option that provides the greatest variety in your
configuration. For example, if the traffic on a channel only goes to a single MAC address (which is the
case in this example, since all traffic is going to the same web server), use of the destination MAC
address results in the choice of the same link in the channel each time. Use of source addresses or IP
addresses can result in a better load balance.
Reference: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/lan-switching/etherchannel/12023-4.html

NO.2 After implementing VTP, the extended VLANs are not being propagated to other VTP switches.
What should be configured for extended VLANs?
A. VTP authentication is required when using extended VLANs because of their ability to cause
network instability.
B. Enable VTP version 3, which supports extended VLAN propagation.
C. Ensure that all switches run the same Cisco IOS version. Extended VLANs will not propagate to
different IOS versions when extended VLANs are in use.
D. VTP does not support extended VLANs and should be manually added to all switches.
Answer: B

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VTP version 1 and VTP version 2 do not propagate configuration information for extended-range
VLANs (VLAN numbers 1006 to 4094). You must configure extended-range VLANs manually on each
network device.
VTP version 3 supports extended-range VLANs (VLAN numbers 1006 to 4094). If you convert from
VTP version 3 to VTP version 2, the VLANs in the range 1006 to 4094 are removed from VTP control.
d f

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