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Exam Code: 400-201
Exam Name: CCIE Service Provider Written Exam (V4.1)
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400-201 Exam Dumps Total Q&A: 410 Questions and Answers
Last Update: 10-05,2016

400-201 Questions and answers Detail: 400-201 Exam Dumps

Exam Code: 100-105
Exam Name: Cisco Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 (ICND1 v3.0)
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100-105 Practice Test Total Q&A: 240 Questions and Answers
Last Update: 10-05,2016

100-105 Exam Tests Detail: 100-105 Practice Test

NO.1 From which of the following attacks can Message Authentication Code (MAC) shield your
A. DoS
B. SYN floods
C. spoofing
Answer: C
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Message Authentication Code (MAC) can shield your network from spoofing attacks. Spoofing, also
known as masquerading, is a popular trick in which an attacker intercepts a network packet, replaces
the source address of the packets header with the address of the authorized host, and reinserts fake
information which is sent to the receiver. This type of attack involves modifying packet contents.
MAC can prevent this type of attack and ensure data integrity by ensuring that no data has changed.
MAC also protects against frequency analysis, sequence manipulation, and ciphertext-only attacks.
MAC is a secure message digest that requires a secret key shared by the sender and receiver, making
it impossible for sniffers to change both the data and the MAC as the receiver can detect the
changes. A denial-of-service (DoS) attack floods the target system with unwanted requests, causing
the loss of service to users. One form of this attack generates a flood of packets requesting a TCP
connection with the target, tying up all resources and making the target unable to service other
requests. MAC does not prevent DoS attacks. Stateful packet filtering is the most common defense
against a DoS attack. A Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS) occurs when multiple systems are
used to flood the network and tax the resources of the target system. Various intrusion detection
systems, utilizing stateful packet filtering, can protect against DDoS attacks. In a SYN flood attack, the
attacker floods the target with spoofed IP packets and causes it to either freeze or crash. A SYN flood
attack is a type of denial of service attack that exploits the buffers of a device that accept incoming
connections and therefore cannot be prevented by MAC. Common defenses against a SYN flood
attack include filtering, reducing the SYN-RECEIVED timer, and implementing SYN cache or SYN

CCIE Service Provider

Exam Number 400-201 CCIE SP
Available May 22, 2015
Associated Certifications CCIE Service Provider
Duration 120 minutes (90 - 110 questions)
Available Languages English
Register Pearson VUE
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The Cisco CCIE Service Provider Written Exam (400-201) version 4.0 is a two-hour test with 90-110 questions that validate professionals who have the expertise to design, implement, diagnose, and troubleshoot complex Service Provider highly available network infrastructure and services based on dual stack solutions (IPv4 and IPv6); understand how the network and service components interoperate; and understand the functional requirements and translate into specific device configurations.

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